Over 70 years of excellence

Marc Cossette Inc. is a family-run business that has always responded to the needs of its clients and the current market conditions. This is the secret to its longevity.

At its inception in the 1950s, the company was focused on the booming residential construction sector. Then Marc Cossette Inc. began to work with religious communities and their educational institutions, allowing them to invest in a whole new market. Always on the lookout for the latest needs and trends, the company subsequently developed professional expertise in the commercial (shopping malls, office towers) and industrial (aluminum plants, dams) sectors. Since then, its ability to adapt and its openness to new technologies have enabled it to thrive.

Marc Cossette - Notre équipe, Our team

From one generation to the next, they have managed to continue evolving while maintaining their reputation as an organization that is focused on people-centered management of their employees as well as being committed to a superior quality of customer service. The company’s four successive owners have enjoyed a mutually trusting relationship with their employees. They provide regular opportunities for staff members to update their skills, which furthers their professional growth and keeps the company at the cutting edge of the field.

Today the company is being run by the original founder’s nephew, Dominique Cossette, a man who is very active in his community. He is always open to new technologies, and invests in the green energy sector while developing markets throughout Canada.

Marc Cossette Inc. is headed by a dynamic team that supports technological innovation and manages contracts from one end of the country to the other.

Our Commitment

Marc Cossette Inc. is committed to providing cutting edge electrical contractor expertise for the industrial, institutional, commercial and residential sectors.

They ensure customer satisfaction by consistently providing a high level of service. They always respect implementation schedules and on-site safety standards.

Marc Cossette Inc. trains its personnel to ensure they remain current in their skills and help them develop new niches. Their aim is to strengthen their already enviable position in the sector.

For over 70 years, Marc Cossette Inc. has been focused on their work while remaining watchful for opportunities and responsive to client needs.